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Our glacés (frozen stocks) are ideal for premier sauces, without the energy and labor costs involved in making them from scratch. Frequently associated with French cuisine, our glacés will add elegant sophistication to your menu. Let our glacés do the hard work for you!


Glacé de Mar

This classic Seafood/Fish stock, is a premium blend of juices extracted from lobster, shrimp, crab and fish. This sublime glacé is perfect to flavor light fish, pasta, or other shellfish. It’s also a great base for seafood stews and soups.


Glacé de Viandi

Glacé de Viandi is a classic French brown stock, reduced to a glacé. It is excellent for use in fine sauces but is also commonly used to enhance the flavor of a variety of stocks or sautéed/roasted items. It has a rich, rich, deep flavor and is translucent in color.


Glacé de Poulet

This chicken based glacé has a deep, rich roasted color. It is professional grade quality with the wonderful aromas of ‘home-made’ chicken soup. Hugely versatile, this stock can be diluted to taste to add depth to your soups, sauces, or in any recipe that can be infused with this non-salty, rich tase.


Demi-Glacé Veal

This concentrated veal stock is used as a base for creating beautiful, rich, velvety sauces and soup. This is carefully reduced until it forms a deep meaty flavored glaze.


Glacé de Pork

Often seen in blends, this intensely flavored reduction made from pork is packaged as a stand alone glacé and is often used to differentiate your sauces and soups from competitors. It yields similar results to other glacé’s but is unique in it’s flavorings due to its focused source.

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