About Us

The Golden Gate Meat Company, Inc., was established in 1977 by James and Patricia Offenbach as a continuation of the Offenbach family’s history in the restaurant and food supply industry. Located conveniently in downtown San Francisco, the company has grown considerably since its inception. James and Patricia’s children – JustinJonni and Sarah – are now active members in the company, ensuring that the family traditions of quality service and product lines are available to businesses in the extended Greater Bay area.

Our History

Years of focused experience and a passion for excellence is the foundation of Golden Gate Meat Company’s success. The president, James Offenbach, began his career when he was 8 years old by helping his father, Ray Offenbach, run a local butcher and grocery shop in the San Francisco Bay Area. This early start, combined with years of practical wisdom regarding the food industry passed on through generations, has provided James with an intimate knowledge of the demands for quality that establishments need to meet to stay competitive.



We can safely claim that food is our business,
and we’d like to contribute to your success!

Food is our business

The Offenbach’s extended family has both owned and operated restaurants in Sonoma and Marin counties. Ray’s Catering, located in Marin county, is also owned and operated by James’ brother Roger. If your business requires any level of food service and/or supplies, please give us a call so that we can better serve your establishment and meet your needs.


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