Product Lists

At Golden Gate Meat Company we have over 1,000 products to choose from, and the list is growing! Our comprehensive product lines include fresh beef, natural and organic beef cut to your specifications, pork and natural pork, lamb, veal, smoked meats, wild game, poultry, sausages, luncheon meats, cheeses, fresh fish, and other prepared foods.

We specialize in distributing world class meats and other natural food products from a variety of vendors. For example, we distribute exquisite Kobe Beef, which is undoubtedly one of the world’s most sought-after meats. Plus, our quality control measures guarantee that you are receiving the best meat at a competitive price so that you can serve your meals with confidence, and your chef’s will be happy and motivated to cook delicious meals for your guests to enjoy.

Our family business is designed to make your company a success. With our full spectrum of products, your chefs and menu planners will experience a virtually limitless resource of main course and hors d’oeuvre ideas.

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Golden Gate Organic Valley

Our promise to you:

  • Produced without antibiotics, synthetic hormones, or pesticides in harmony with nature
  • Organics prohibits the use of GMO seeds.
  • 100% Certified organic feed.
  • No nitrates or preservativesHumane treatment of animals.
  • Free ranging birds, with full access to the outdoors.
  • Family-farmer produced.


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