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Because we have such stringent quality controls and standards for our pork, most major pork producers do not have products that qualify for our level of quality distribution services. In our search for top quality pork we found the Hills Pork Farm to be one of the best producers of premium pork available.


At Hill Farm, USDA and FDA standards are exceeded pertaining to pork raising practices. The herds are managed in a productive system that emphasizes cleanliness, hygeine, and overall comfort. Drugs are never used for the purpose of enhancing growth.

In fact, medication is only administered to treat or prevent animal suffering or illness. Also, monthly veterinary inspections increase the level of care for the herd. Such careful examination of the animals and an overall natural living environment results in minimal need for the use of therapuetic medicines.


FDA Guidelines


The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) have well defined regulations concerning pork producer’s responsibilities when using antimicrobials or other health care products. Hills farm exceeds the required level of care, particularly in the lentgh of withdrawal prior to slaughter. These precautions are taken to minimize violative tissue residues therefore yielding a clean, residue free meat.

The FDA Guidelines for rule numbe CPG 7125.37 include:

  1. Identify and track animals to which drugs were administered by individual animal, pen, and lot.
  2. Maintain medication and treatment records that identify:
    • The animal(s) treated
    • The date(s) of treatment
    • The drug(s) administered
    • Who administered the drug(s)
    • The amount administered
    • The withdrawal time prior to slaughter
  3. Properly store, label and account for all drug products and medicated feeds
  4. Obtain and use only veterinary prescription drugs through a licensed veterinarian based on a valid veterinarian/client/patient relationship.
  5. Educate all employees and family members involved in treating, hauling, and selling the animals on:
    • Proper administration techniques
    • Observance of withdrawal times
    • Methods to avoid marketing adulterated products for human food.

Hill’s pork farming techniques exceed compliance with the The National Pork Board’s 10 GPP’s (Good Production Practices)

  1. Identify And Track All Treated Animals
  2. Maintain Medication And Treatment Records
  3. Properly Store, Label And Account For All Drug Products And Medicated Feeds
  4. Obtain And Use Veterinary Prescription Drugs Only Based On A Valid Veterinarian/Client/Patient Relationship
  5. Educate All Employees And Family Members On Proper Administration Techniques And Withdrawal Times
  6. Use Drug Residue Tests When Appropriate
  7. Establish An Efficient and Effective Herd Health Management Plan
  8. Provide Proper Swine Care
  9. Follow Appropriate On-Farm Feed Processing and Commercial Feed Processor Procedures
  10. Complete Quality Assurance Checklist Annually, and Recertify Every Two Years