Veal List

Western Veal

2000Calf Sidepc
2010Calf Hindquarterpc
2020Calf Forequarterlb
2025Calf Arm Chuckpc
2030Calf Legpc
2035Calf Leg Bone & Sendpc
2045Calf Short Loin Trimmedpc
2050Calf Short Loin Cut E-Epc
2052Calf Short Loin Chine/sendpc
2055Calf Loin Chopspc
2060Calf Loin Bone/Sendpc
2061Calf Loin Bnls to Silverpc
2065Calf Top Roundpc
2070Calf Top Round Cap/offpc
2075Calf Knucklepc
2076Calf Bottom Round pc
2080Calf Head Fillet Denudedpc
2085Calf Top Sirloinpc
2090Calf Top Sirloin Cap offpc
2095Calf Shankslb
2096Calf Osso Buccopc
2100Calf Shankslb
2105Calf Sweetbreadslb
2120Calf Flank Steaklb
2121Veal Stewlb
2122Veal Groundlb
2125Veal Leg Slices 4 ozbx
2130Veal Leg Slices 6 ozbx
2135Veal Scallopinilb
2140Calf Clod as ispc
2142Calf Clod Hand Tied/Cryopc
2150Calf Rack as-ispc
2151Calf Rack chime off/sendpc
2152Calf Rack Chop readypc
2153Calf Rack Chops cut E-Epc
2154Calf Rack Chops Cut Netpc
2155Calf Rack Chops Frenchedpc
2160Calf Rib Eyelb
2165Calf Feetlb
2166Calf Tripe
2170Calf Breastpc
2171Calf Head pc
2175Veal Boneslb
2176Calf Scatter Boneslb
2177Calf Neck Boneslb
2178Veal Marrow Boneslb
2180Calf Liverpc
2181Calf Liver Skinnedpc
2182Calf Kidneylb
2190Calf California Ribslb
2192Bnls Veal-Beef Fixlb
2193Veal Chuck Clod Bnlslb

Bobby Veal

2200Bobby Shank - Whole pc
2205Bobby Shank CCpc
2210Bobby Sidepc
2215Bobby Leg Bnlspc
2220Bobby Ribeyelb
2223Bobby Whole Loin cut E-Epc
2225Bobby Breastlb
2230Bobby Liverpc
2235Bobby Clodspc

Formula Fed Veal

2290FF Legspc
2295FF Legs - Fixpc
2298FF Top Roundpc
2300FF Top Round - Denudedlb
2310FF Hip Sirloinpc
2320FF Shankpc
2345FF Osso Buccobx
2355FF Short Loinpc
2360FF Short Loin Cut E-Epc
2361FF Loin Chopspc
2362FF Short Loin Chine Offpc
2363FF Short Loin Bone/Sendpc
2365FF Sweetbreads Plume de Veaubx
2366FF Sweetbreads Dutch Vlybx
2380FF Racks As Ispc
2385FF Rack Chop Readypc
2386FF Rack Chop Cut E-Epc
2387FF Rack Chop Cut Netpc
2388FF Rack Chop French Cutpc
2395FF Denuded Bnls Stripspc
2405FF Clodpc
2410FF Head Fillets Denudedlb
2413FF Eye of Roundlb
2415FF Stewpc
2420FF Breastpc
2421FF Breast Bnlspc
2425FF Skirt Steaksbx
2430FF Cheek Meatbx
2435FF Choppettesbx
2439FF Liver Wholebx
2440FF Liver Slices 4oz 10#boxbx
2441FF Brainsbx

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