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Venison is a meat that appeals to a sophisticated palate. It is low in calories, fat, and cholesterol compared to other red meats but is high in flavor and offers a smooth texture. It is also high in protein and iron, making it an ideal main course for clients who are focused on maintaining a lean and nutrient rich diet.

Innovative chefs are focusing on a more eclectic and contemporary cuisine that offers versatility. The healthy taste and various preparation styles of premium venison ideally suits this culinary trend.

We feature Royal Cuisine International’s Cervena Venison product line for several reasons: firstly, many leading chefs in North America and Asia ask for Royal Cuisine’s Cervena by name, with good reason, and secondly, the Royal Cervena brand has been part of the Cervena appellation since it’s inception in 1992. We feel that this company’s venison offers maximum tenderness, flavor, and purity.

Venison – The Cervena Appellation

Cervena is the trademark for New Zealand Natural Tender Venison. In order to clearly identify the unique and pure properties of venison from this geographical area, New Zealanders have associated their venison with a specific ‘appellation’ called Cervena, much like the vintners in France have done for their wines. The requirements to be labelled as Cervena are geared towards maintaining tight quality control, resulting in consistent and high quality throughout the year.

Cervena Requirements

  • Raised ‘free range’ in New Zealand and fed natural grains
  • Raised naturally, without administration of hormones or steroids
  • The animal must be under three years of age
  • Animals are transported by accredited companies
  • All processing plants are accredited to ISO 9002 international standards

Cervena Qualities

  • Consistent flavor and texture year round
  • Mild and distinctive taste (not gamey)
  • Long shelf life due individual vacuum packaging
  • High yield per cut (requires minimal trimming)
  • Tender, moist texture
  • Healthy and lean
  • Easy to prepare
To read out more about the Cervena appellation, you can visit, or call us and we will be happy to discuss the benefits of serving fresh Cervena.