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Our Heritage Pork


A Difference You Can See & Taste

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Heritage Pork is 70 years of sourcing the very best lineage of the Duroc Pig breed. The Compart Family has been extremely successful the last 55+ years in genetic selection, using ultrasound scanning, pH levels, and testing to improve each generation of Duroc. It is called "The 'Black Angus' of Pork" for a reason. High marbling with a darker reddish raw color that will give you a juicy, rich, and tender final product.  


History of the Duroc Breed

The Duroc Breed is believe to have come from England, Sweden, Denmark, and Australia, arriving in New York and New Jersey. In 1883, the American Duroc - Jersey Association was established and began breeding the Duroc and Jersey Red hog.  The Duroc pig made vast improvements in growth, maturity, with a deep body, broad ham and shoulder, and most importantly - TASTE! Shortly thereafter, it gained popularity at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893. As the United States grew in population and started moving westward, so did the hog breeders.

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How It Began...

Golden Gate Meats is a 4th generation family-owned business with a rich history as a wholesale supplier of meats since 1977. Jimi Z and the generations before him have worked in the restaurant supply industry since the early 1900's with our friends at Robert's Corned Meats before opening Golden Gate Meat Company.


Jimi Z Offenbach had the idea from his grandfather who used to aged salami in his garage. A life long dream, then became true with the release of San Giacomo.

Restaurant Quality for Family & Friends

In 2018, Jimi Z Offenbach and Golden Gate Meat Company released San Giacomo Charcuterie and Sausages to the Northern California restaurant world. Since then, the finest restaurants, including highly rated and Michelin Star restaurants serve San Giacomo meats. Now, we've decided to bring our restaurant quality meats to your local market. 

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The Breakdown

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