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Simply seasoned with red wine, Mediterranean oregano, and real Calabrian chile peppers. Its unique flavor isn't overwhelmed by the heat, allowing the tasty qualities of the Duroc pork to shine. 

Chorizo Jerez

Jerez is a warm spiced, dry-cured chorizo, made with respect to Southwestern Spain. Aged for at least 2 months and has a flavor profile of Pimenton de Vera, black pepper, and Mediterranean oregano. 

Chorizo Pamplona

Made with regards to the bulls of Northern Spain, this dry-cured chorizo is made from 100% beef, and is warmly spiced with smoked paprika, garlic, cinnamon, and black pepper. 

Fennel Salame

A simple Northern Italian style salame seasoned with sweet fennel, pepper, and white wine. This salame is mild with sweet floral notes from the fennel. 


An Iberian interpretation of Sopressata. Mildly seasoned with black pepper and garlic, Fuet also presents a whisper of Pimenton de Vera and aged for a minimum of 2 months. 

Italian Sopressata

A classic Southern Italian salame. It is lightly seasoned with black pepper and chili flakes, making it more piquant than spicy. Warm, sweet spices like clove and fennel round out the mild flavor profile. 


A spreadable Sicilian specialty! This spicy salame spread is slow aged to concentrate and balance the heat, garlic, and red wine. The heat comes from the combination of black, white and pink peppercorns, as well as the Calabrian chiles.


This is a dry-cured salame seasoned with chili flakes, cayenne and other secret spices. We ferment our pepperoni at a much lower temperature than normal American producers, and age it for a minimum of 52 days, leading to a much more well-rounded flavor. 

Red Wine Salame

This is a crowd pleaser. Simply seasoned with black pepper, garlic, and red wine. San Giacomo Red Wine Salame lets the flavor of the Duroc pork shine through.