Specialty Hams & Deli Meats

This seasonal product is a whole, boneless Duroc leg, cured in brine for a minimum of 14 days. The brine is seasoned with garlic, chili flakes, warm spices and dark brown sugar. It is smoked for 8 hours over Applewood. San Giacomo produces a limited run every late fall. This ham is perfect for a holiday meal. 

Golden Nugget Ham

Golden Nugget Hams are a Sweetheart Ham, brined for two weeks in brown sugar and warm pickling spice. Its small format and size make it ideal for customers who want smaller pieces and portions. It is slow smoked over Applewood and Hickory. 


Mortadella is a deli meat made from pork shoulder, belly, diced pork fat, and black peppercorns. We use white wine and warming spices to mimic that authentic Italian Mortadella de Bologna flavor. 


A fully cured and smoked beef brisket. Our brisket is cured and coated with a pastrami spice mix using brown sugar, mustard, coriander, black pepper and other spices. We smoke it low and long over Hickory and Applewood. 

Rosemary Ham

San Giacomo's own prosciutto cotto. This boneless ham is cured 7 days in a sweet rosemary and warm spiced brine. It is lightly smoked and slow cooked for 8 hours. 

Tasso Ham

A Cajun specialty product, Tasso Ham is a highly spiced, cured, and smoked pork shoulder. Our Tasso Ham is cured in brown sugar, pink peppercorns, and cayenne pepper, then generously coated in our custome Cajun spice mix. It is heavily smoked over Hickory wood and is a fully cooked product.