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At Golden Gate Meat Company we have over 1,000 products to choose from, and the list is growing!

Our comprehensive product lines include fresh beef, natural and organic beef cut to your specifications, pork and natural pork, lamb, veal, smoked meats, wild game, poultry, sausages, luncheon meats, and fresh fish.

We specialize in distributing world class meats and other natural food products from a variety of vendors. Our quality control measures guarantee that you are receiving the best meat at a competitive price so that you can serve your meals with confidence.

Our family business is designed to make your company a success, get a quote today!


All our beef is USDA certified, butchered fresh to your order specifications and packaged for your specific needs.

  • Top Quality American Ranches

  • Specialty Organic Product lines

  • 100% Natural Beef line

  • Antibiotic Free, Hormone Free Product lines


USDA Beef –Select, Choice and Prime

We have both dry and wet-aged beef products that range from A-AA yield grade.  All of our internal quality controls, combined with our vigorous screening of all vendors, guarantee that you will receive the best meat, cut to your specifications, at the most competitive prices in the San Francisco/Greater Bay Area. We distribute 3 USDA-designated grades of beef based on quality. These grades are:

  • Prime/Restaurant Grade

  • Choice

  • Select

Natural Beef 

Meat that is labelled and marketed as ‘Natural’ must not contain any artificial products (food coloring, preservatives, and/or water for example) and must also be minimally processed as defined by the USDA. Our Natural Beef products exceed the USDA standards.

  • Antibiotics or growth hormones are never administered to the cattle

  • Animal byproducts are not in the cattle’s feed

  • Feedstocks are tested to ensure that residual herbicides or pesticides are not in the food chain

  • All of our ‘Natural Beef’ products are graded USDA Choice or higher

Some of our Suppliers: Akaushi, Creekstone, Snake River FarmsRevier Cattle Company

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Veal is sought after by many for it’s smooth texture and delicate flavor. Veal is also nutrient richand is suitable for those on a low-fat/low calorie diet. It is an excellent source of protein with good levels of niacin, zinc, and vitamins B-12 and B-6. We distribute veal only from reputable veal producers.

Western Veal

Our Western veal is frequently chosen for its delicate flavor, tender texture and its thick, juicy meat.

Bobby Veal

About fifteen percent of veal calves are marketed up to 3 weeks of age or at a weight of 150 pounds. These are called Bob or Bobby Calves, which are characterized by their light-pink color and soft texture. Bobby veal calves are the youngest and are thought to have the smoothest flavors and textures.

Formula Fed Veal

The majority of veal calves are “special-fed” on a diet of nutritionally balanced milk (or soy milk). A veal calf is raised until about 16 to 18 weeks of age, weighing up to 450 pounds. They are raised in specially designed facilities where they can be cared for and closely monitored. Excpetionally consistent in flavor and texture, this european-style meat contains iron and 40 other essential nutrients, including amino acids, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins.    

Some of our Suppliers: Provimi Veal, San Jose Valley Veal

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Our pork is guaranteed to be young, lean, tender and free from antibiotics and growth hormones.  Pork is loaded with vitamins, minerals and protein that offers versatility with consistent flavor to your menu. Our pork quality program is geared towards making sure that the pork you buy from us will be lean, tender, and tasty. We never sacrifice quality for quantity.

Some of our Suppliers: Hill Meat Company, Seaboard Foods, Snake River Farms

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We distribute American, Australian, and New Zealand lamb.  Lamb is consistently high in quality, food purity, and taste. The lambs are raised on large, open spaces where they can graze on natural grass. You are guaranteed that the lamb we distribute:

  • Has been free-range raised

  • The lambs are ‘lean grown’ instead of ‘lean trimmed’

  • The lambs are never administered antibiotics, growth hormones, or artificial food additives

Some of our Suppliers: Atkins Ranch, Superior Farms

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We distribute chicken and turkey product lines. We chose to distribute these organic and natural product lines because the animal husbandry practices are in line with our philosophy. We feel confident that your customers will appreciate the superior taste and texture, and that your business will be well served by the consistency and quality. You can be assured that all of the chickens are:

  • Raised free-range in a humane and natural environment

  • Fed a nutritious, high quality vegetarian diet

  • Never administered antibiotics

Some of our Suppliers: Diestel Turkey Ranch, Rocky™ Natural Free-range chicken, Rosie™ Organic, Willie Bird Turkeys

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Our diverse range of wild game products will keep your sous chef’s busy creating unique main courses that will bring attention to your establishment. We use small producers focused on quality to ensure that your wild game is fresh and tasty, not ‘gamey’!

  • Buffalo

  • Duck

  • Geese

  • Rabbit

  • Ostrich

  • Pheasant

  • Quail

  • Squab

  • Guinea Hens

  • Venison

Some of our Suppliers: Royal Cuisine

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Golden Gate Meat Company's In-House and smoked brands. 

Some of our Suppliers: Golden Gate Meat Company

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We have a variety of phosphate free and naturally processed cooked and/or cured meats. Most of our suppliers are local and/or small, family owned operations that specialize in producing high quality cooked and/or cured meats, such as:

  • Corned Beef, cooked & uncooked

  • Pastrami

  • Cooked Roast Beef

Some of our Providers: Robert's Corned Meats

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Golden Gate Meat Company Charcuterie Offers, Made in-house:

  • Salami

  • Pepperoni

  • Pancetta

  • Coppa

  • Bacon

  • Smoked Petit Hams

  • Fully Cooked Sausage

  • and the line is growing!

Some of our Providers: Nueskes, Evergood Foods, San Giacomo Premium Meats, Incontro Cured Limited Batch

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Our glacés (frozen stocks) are ideal for premier sauces, without the energy and labor costs involved in making them from scratch. Frequently associated with French cuisine, our glacés will add elegant sophistication to your menu. Let our glacés do the hard work for you!

Glacé de Mar

This classic Seafood/Fish stock, is a premium blend of juices extracted from lobster, shrimp, crab and fish. This sublime glacé is perfect to flavor light fish, pasta, or other shellfish. It’s also a great base for seafood stews and soups.

Glacé de Viandi

Glacé de Viandi is a classic French brown stock, reduced to a glacé. It is excellent for use in fine sauces but is also commonly used to enhance the flavor of a variety of stocks or sautéed/roasted items. It has a rich, rich, deep flavor and is translucent in color.

Glacé de Poulet

This chicken based glacé has a deep, rich roasted color. It is professional grade quality with the wonderful aromas of ‘home-made’ chicken soup. Hugely versatile, this stock can be diluted to taste to add depth to your soups, sauces, or in any recipe that can be infused with this non-salty, rich tase.

Demi-Glacé Veal

This concentrated veal stock is used as a base for creating beautiful, rich, velvety sauces and soup. This is carefully reduced until it forms a deep meaty flavored glaze.

Glacé de Pork

Often seen in blends, this intensely flavored reduction made from pork is packaged as a stand alone glacé and is often used to differentiate your sauces and soups from competitors. It yields similar results to other glacé’s but is unique in it’s flavorings due to its focused source.   

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