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This air-dried beef, eye of round, is cut from American Wagyu Beef. It is cured with red wine, sea salt, and celery juice powder before coating it in a spice mix of black pepper, juniper, and bay leaf. It dries for a minimum of 3 months, providing a firm, lean product with a minimal fat cap.

- Whole Piece & Sliced Available -


The King of Hams. It is made from the choicest part of the boneless Duroc ham, cured with sea salt, black pepper, red wine, and garlic. It is aged for at least 10 months. 

- Whole Piece & Sliced Available -


A dry-cured Duroc pork jowl, cured with garlic, chilies, rosemary, and dried for at least two months. While this is dry cured it is most often used as an addition to sauces or in place of bacon or pancetta. 

- Whole Piece & Sliced Available -

Hot Coppa

Coppa Secca is a dry-cured pork collar available in hot and sweet flavors. Our Hot Coppa is cured and coated in a spicy chile blend with garlic and allspice. 

- Whole Piece & Sliced Available -