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Artisan House-Made Selection

Our old-world techniques are reminiscent of Italian aged and cured meats. It takes time to age and cure our products, a process in which time cannot be rushed. 

Since 2018, our Salumists and Butchers handcraft the finest line of Charcuterie, Sausages and meats available in the San Francisco, Bay Area. The entire San Giacomo line is hand-made, aged, monitored, and cared for in our state of the art facility in Richmond, California. 

Our meats and spices are sourced from credible brands who keep the land, animals and our customers in mind as a top priority. The ranchers strict feed program, genetics, humane practices, and consistency makes for mouth-watering marbling and trim specs.

Fresh, premium products coupled with our knowledge and craft, Golden Gate Meat Company's San Giacomo line brings new flavor to old world techniques. 

White Structure

Spiced, Smoked, Aged & Cured Heritage Duroc Pork 

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