Golden Gate Meat Co Revier Cattle is in!

Golden Gate Meat Company's Revier Cattle Company beef is officially in the house! We are so excited about our very own beef coming directly from this incredibly high quality, sustainable ranch. All cattle from Revier Family Farm is purebred Black Angus, raised on locally-grown high protein feed. "An important component of a modern farm operation is crop rotation so soybeans, sweet corn, peas, wheat, sugar beets and hay are raised along with corn to ensure protection of soil resources."

Revier Cattle

Sustainable isn't just a catch-phrase, it's a way of living and supporting our lives with long-term methods to ensure a healthy environment and healthy food system.

Ask your sales rep about this beautiful beef, now in stock! We recommend the Filets, Bone-In, and Prime Rib to start ;)

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