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GGM evolves at SF Ferry plaza

SF Chronicle By Jonathan Kauffman

At noon on a Tuesday, the Ferry Building first-timers cluster around the Mister Bomboloni stand, cooing over the filled doughnuts. Later, they mill around the Blue Bottle line, contemplating the prospect of a 20-minute coffee stop. They line up for steamed buns at Out the Door and stare into the olive oil sample bowls at Stonehouse California, perhaps hoping to divine whether Jimmy Garoppolo will change the Niners’ fortunes this year.

...According to Golden Gate Meat Co. co-owner Dean Offenbach, his business hasn’t struggled to find its audience. “We have a great relationship with local clients, whether it’s people who commute on the ferry or the people who come in for the Saturday market,” Offenbach says. “We’re not like some of these other places that sell chocolate.” (Not that he harbors ill will toward chocolate.) ....

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