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Chicken by Blockchain | From farm to your fork

Blockchain is here, and we've been taking part in an ongoing farm-to-table test run by Provenance in an effort to track the chicken we sell, in partnership with Heifer USA and the Grass Roots Farmer's Cooperative. We are now in an age when knowing by name the farm who produced the ham on your eggs benny is becoming the norm in breakfast table chat. This is more than an experiment... it represents the visibility needed in our food systems to give confidence in the product consumers want most. For our chefs, this means transparency with diners, increased marketing potential, and a healthy and reciprocal food eco-system.

We're particularly proud of our partnership with Grass Roots Farmer's Coop and think GM Cody Hopkins says it best:

"In an age where skepticism may very well be at its peak, Grass Roots is working to improve access to information so that customers feel empowered by their choices, not encumbered by them. We hope that by verifying our foods on the blockchain, we establish trust that allows our customers to eat with confidence."

Grassroots Coop Golden Gate Meat Co Chicken Thighs

(photo courtesy of Grass Roots Coop)

Not quite sure how it works? Just check the tracking....

Track your Grassroots Golden Gate Meat Co Chicken

'Each step that the product takes along the supply chain is tracked under the "Journey" tab, perhaps giving consumers more peace of mind when tracking the sources of their sustenance.' ( Jeremy Nation)

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