Wholesale Holiday Specials

Our favorite holiday offerings are in house and ready for you!

Prime Rib - Check out our Revier Cattle Prime rib (boneless and bone-in) and American Akaushi Kobe, plus our very own mouth-watering Golden Gate Angus Duck, Turkey, Geese - We're featuring the delicious Maple Leaf Farms Whole duck and Grimaud Farms whole duckling. Also ask about duck breast, duck legs, Geese, and Turkey (organic, and all-natural from Diestel Family Farms) Wild Game - Venison saddle, chop-ready racks, tenderloins and strip loins! Dry-Aged Pork - 100% Mangalitsa pork, acorn-fed from Winkler farm, it is truly a tasting treat you would not believe!

Contact your Sales Rep for more info!

Also take note of our updated hours for both Wholesale locations and Retail ***

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