**New Heirloom-breed, pasture-raised chickens from Cooks Venture

We are so thrilled to announce our new partnership with Cooks Venture to bring a beautiful new Heirloom-breed chicken to market! These very special chickens come from an ancestry of breeding heirloom and heritage birds that have better health than conventional livestock. Likewise, because of their pasture access and pedigree, they grow to be stronger and more flavorful than other modern breeds.

The difference is astounding.

Partner certifications

+ Non-GMO Project Verified: Chicken raised and fed a diet in compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard for avoidance of genetically engineered ingredients

+ Certified to Global Animal Partnership Step 4 Pasture-Raised Standards by EarthClaims LLC

Contact Us today to find out more and place an order!

Also check out the latest coverage in SF Gate!

Written by Tara Duggan

Images selected by Cooks Venture

Read the full article: SF Gate Article - Can Chicken fight climate change?

"...Most environmentalists say the best way to fight climate change on your plate is to reduce or avoid eating meat. But there’s a growing number of proponents for regenerative agriculture, a farming method that builds organic matter in the soil with the goal of sequestering more carbon from the atmosphere than it releases."

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