Update on the CA Foie Gras ban

Update on the current status of the California Foie Gras ban...this from Bella Bella Gourmet Foods:

'There was movement last night concerning the sale of foie gras in California – the lower court ruled to uphold the existing ban in California but is giving the farmers an opportunity to amend their argument to the district court for approval of online and imported sales. “This fight is not merely about foie gras, this is about our liberty to choose what we eat and for duck farmers like myself, it is also about our right to make a living. We will keep fighting to dispel all the misperceptions about our farming practices and to uphold our rights as farmers and also uphold the rights of consumers in terms of their food choice,” Sergio Saravia, President of La Belle Farms and Secretary of the Catskill Foie Gras Collective. You can read more about this development and how we are planning to combat this threat to food choice on our blog. Please feel free to share this article with vendors and customers that wish to be kept up to speed on our efforts on this front.

Your local Hudson Valley, Quebec and Catskill Foie Gras Farmers'

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