Happy 2020 Labor Day!

We're ramping up for Labor Day and so should you!

So much gratitude for all of our food-service clients and at-home cooks on this Labor Day Holiday. We know how hard you're all working to bring healthy & delicious meals to your tables and to-go boxes.

A huge, huge, huge shout out to our Firefighters and First responders, Medical, grocery store workers, and all of you out there working to keep our bellies full and our economy turning. We're right here to support you with quality product, service, and pricing, alongside donations and lending our hands wherever we can #togetherstrong


Donating a Year's Supply of Meat

North Bay Children's Center

Mark Enlow Foundation and Enlow & Associates in partnership with Jimi-Z & Patti Offenbach owners of the Golden Gate Meat Company and the Offenbach Family have donated turkey and chicken for a full year to the North Bay Children’s Center at over 13 sites around the Bay Area.


Labor Day Menu ideas to knock some socks off....

Custom Burger blends

Bison Ribeyes

San Giacomo Salamis

Kolbasi Sausage

Cheddar and Chili Bratwurst Cooks Venture Chicken breasts and whole legs...


Cooks Venture Heritage Birds!

Boneless-skinless breasts and Whole chicken legs (bone-in, skin-on whole legs) are the bomb! A true Heirloom breed that tastes like chicken used to taste!


GGMC Richmond will be closed

Monday, September 7

check our contact page for all location hours


Don't forget very own house-made San Giacomo line of charcuterie products... pancetta rolatta, fennel salami, hot coppa... and so much more.

Happy Labor Day,

The Offenbachs

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