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Beef & Veal Ranchers & Producers

All our beef is USDA certified, butchered fresh to your order specifications and packaged for your specific needs. We distribute Natural, Specialty Organic, Select, Choice and Prime beef from a variety of suppliers. The term "Natural" must not contain any artificial products, which include - food coloring, preservatives, and/or water, etc. This means no antibiotics or growth hormones, animal byproducts are not in the feed, and feedstocks are tested to ensure that residual herbicides or pesticides are not in the food chain.

Veal is sought after by many for it's smooth texture and delicate flavor. About 15% of veal calves are marketed up to 3 weeks of age or at a weight of 150 pounds. The other type we distribute are "special fed" on a diet of nutritionally balanced milk or soy milk. These calves are raised until about 16 to 18 weeks of age, or weighing up to 450 pounds.

All of our internal quality controls, combined with our vigorous screening of all vendors guarantee that you will receive the best meat, cut to your specifications, at the most competitive prices in the San Francisco/Greater Bay Area and Northern California.

Brands We Carry... And More!

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