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Heritage Selection

Our old-world techniques are reminiscent of Italian and Spanish cured meats with a California twist. It is an ancient art that takes time to age and cure our heritage selection, a process in which time cannot be rushed. 

San Giacomo Heritage charcuterie, sausage, and smoked meats have been handcrafted, aged, monitored, and cared for by our Salumists and Butchers since 2018. Our attention to detail in crafting a high quality Duroc pig breed produces a difference you can see and taste.

San Giacomo Heritage charcuterie, sausages, and cured meats are served at some of the finest restaurants across Northern California. Now, we at Golden Gate Meat Company, are offering our favorite, restaurant quality Heritage products to your family and friends.  

Our meats and spices are sourced from credible, small family farms who keep the land, animal, and customers in mind as a top priority. The ranchers strict feed program, genetics, humane practices, and consistency makes for mouth-watering marbling and trim specs.

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